Friday, May 6, 2011

An unexpected visitor today!

Today we had some visitors from Seaside Farm come into the school with their new baby chicks. One of the children that attends the school introduced us to his new little friend "Coopey". "Coopey" is an Americauna - blue/green layer know as the Easter egg Chicken. We also met another chick who doesn't have a name yet. This chick is black and known as the Cuckoo Maran- a French breed that lays very dark brown eggs known as the Chocolate layer.

The chicks were a lot of fun to see and touch. I am sorry my pictures are not that clear. There was a lot of excitement and moving going on during that time hence the blurry photos. It was too much fun not to show you though and it also meant we brought out our copy of, "Freckle and the Chicks" to read at the end of our morning. Happy Weekend!


  1. Cute! Coopey and Chocolate (appropriately named my your own daughter) had fun today. Mr. M was so excited about introducing his friends to his pets. Thanks for having us. Happy weekend and Mother's Day to you.

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  3. Yes, Happy Mother's day to you to! I hope you love your gift. M did an amazing job on it!


  4. I can't wait to see it. He's got it tucked away, but I have my doubts he will be able to hold out until Wed. Thanks for doing this and OF COURSE I ignored the spoiler alert (: