Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to Quinpool Rd.

Parent Board
 Finally, I am able to share these pictures with you.  I am sorry it has taken so long but in the end it was a daunting project.  I would be lying if I said I did not shed some tears over this project.  When we first looked at this house it all seemed easy.  Rip up the carpet, paint out the kitchen small bathroom reno.
 But as things go, we encountered so much more.  We ended up fixing a lot of compromised structure in the house and EVERYTHING is fire rated, ceilings, doors, pot lights.  I've spared no expense on this project as we just could not.  This house is beautiful with amazing bones and it really need lots of love from us.

Entry into the new bathroom
 All the wood work was dark, dark, dark.  There was a lot of painting done by all the teachers.  It is light, light , light now.  Thank you to each any everyone of you lovely Maple Tree Ladies!  You all came and worked late into the night and without you I could not have pulled this off!
New bathroom
The wall color is dijon by Benjamin Moore.  All our paint was purchased at the Acadia and Quigley store on Quinpool Rd.  Ann is simply fantastic at helping to choose color.  Shawn has made everything.  Sink cabnet, Kitchen Island, refinished hardwood, reenforced floor joist...  I am in awe of all that he can do and he is the best gift a girl could ever get!

 Wall color in the kitchen is Wasabi.  I really had my heart set on a green kitchen.  I really tried to bring the outside in with paint, flooring and fixtures.  I wanted this new space to feel soothing and warm.  I can't wait to start cooking!  That Island is screaming for baking and jam making and lots of fun.

Farm house sink

 Ah...the new classroom.  It is so inviting and bright.  I am aching to start teaching.  The color in this room is Wickham Gray, it changes with the light during the day.  So beautiful.  The rug is from the Zephyer Gallery.  It makes me think of twisting metal insets.  I knew as soon as i saw it we would have to have it.

Science and Nature Room
I love this room.  The art table is located here along with our growing collection from the natural world.

Art By Rachael Cleary

I framed a piece of Rachael's art work from last year because it is so beautiful and I wanted the children to have something to be inspired by and enjoy.
So that's it for now.  I am ready to get back at what I love to do.  See you after the long weekend!
~Ms. Michelle


 First week of orientation went extremely well. The children are learning the routine of the Montessori working morning, as well as building relationships with other children and teachers. The children seem to be drawn to the practical life shelf such as cutting, pouring, bead transfer and sorting. Although playdough and water table are also very popular. Some children have even started language and math work. We are looking forward to next weeks accomplishments
 ~Ms. Stephanie