Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photographer or Scientist?

On Friday Morning I heard an excited voice say “Miss Stephanie, come
over here!” I looked over and saw C standing at the Nature Table
looking at all the different organisms. As soon as I walked over, he
points to the jar with the crabs and said “This one has red eyes.
This one is trying to get out.” We both observed the crabs for a
couple minutes and I took a picture of the crab “trying to get out”.
Once C saw me take a picture he asked “Do you want me to take a
picture of that?”, pointing to the tadpoles. How could I say no, so I
handed him my camera. He looked at the viewfinder for a couple
seconds, framing his picture, and then pushed the button. It was as if
he was a professional photographer. “Do you want me to take another
one?” he asked. Once the picture was taken C pointed at the
viewfinder showing the picture and said “That's a picture of the fish
eggs there.” C looked intently at the picture and then looked at the
Nature Table and asked “Do you want me to take a picture of them all
at the same time?” After I replied “yes” C immediately framed his
picture in the viewfinder and pressed the button, with an enormous
grin on his face! (The picture is all the stuffed birds on the second
shelf - I guess he did not want to forget them!) Then in an excited
tone said “I want to show you all the pictures!”, so we sat down
together and looked at all his photographs together!
The Nature Table is always very popular with the children, especially
this past week because we have frog eggs, tadpoles, crabs, and
butterfly larvae! There might be some future biologists at MTM!!

Submitted by: Ms. Stephanie

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