Monday, October 2, 2017

Inspired by Van Gogh

 We've been painting Sun Flowers this last week.  It is an artist study on Vincent Van Gogh.  We will talk more about him with the children in the coming weeks.  We will pause this week to change things up and make our famous Turkey hats for  the coming Thanksgiving weekend.  But for now, lets savour the last that Summer has to offer us with these beautiful Sunflower paintings!  As you can see, it was impossible for me to choose just one.

Each and every child painted their own version of what they saw.  I love each and everyone of these stunning paintings.  They would make beautiful note cards with you took the painting and had it scanned.  Great gift idea for grandparents for Christmas.

To set up this activity, I arranged a vase of Sunflowers on a perch up at the child's height and set out 4 colours of paint.  Up until this the children have only been painting with one, maybe two colours of paint.