Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh the things that they construct

 There has been so much work with the triangle boxes this week.  I have watched and listened to the discussion around the construction.

I heard the children say, "you can make anything with Triangles."    "They are so cool."  "I didn't know I could do this?"  "Can I mix the colours up?"

"Is it ok if I take more boxes out?"  "Actually, I really need them Ms. Michelle?"

"Look Ms. Michelle, I made an Angry Bird!"  To which I say, "Wow, that is amazing!"  My philosophy is and always will be, "Whatever it takes." I am so happy to have the triangle boxes out being used and explored.  Even if they are making angry birds because really, thats what they see.  Find the connections and make them work for you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Space, the Final Frontier

 We have been looking at Space this month.  We have talked about the planets, The phases of the moon and constellations.

We have even looked at Commander Chris Hatfield's photos from space.  Wow, what a lucky guy he is.  Such amazing photos.  I can only imagine how this experience is affecting him.  Please take a minute to go and have a look at some of his posts at:  .
I actually got a twitter account so I could get updates and see all the beautiful pictures he was posting and share them with our children.  Don't worry if I ever start tweeting...I'll let you know!

 This is moon phase punching work.  Our children really love it.  I looked around on pinterest and at other sites and decided we would make our own master sheet.  I wasn't happy with the choice available to me and really it must be simple.  After all our children doing this work are three to five years old!

Constellation pocket fold out chart from Lee Valley

Who doesn't love Light Bright!  Takes me back to a christmas when I was a kid and my sister got one and we all fought over turns.  I set this up so the children could practice making their own constellations.

Lastly, this is our art table project this week.  I know Cork Street is making the Milky way and we will be next week.  I made this ample last year and forgot we even had it.  You can see the big sun and the planets.  The children are really enjoying making their version of the solar system.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 We had a lovely time at the playground today. One of the perks of
teaching preschool is that I get to go play at the park.  Today after
donning our winter gear we marched to the playground to the tune of
"Willa be wallaby wee an elephant sat on me." I find that at the
playground children spend a great deal of time exploring the
properties of snow. Outside time is as important as inside time
because the children need the physical outlet and they need the
opportunity to practice their social skills in a less structured
setting.  Even the process of putting their snowsuits on and walking
in a line with a partner teaches valuable lessons about independence
and safety.  ~Ms. Melanie

Yoga Bliss at Cork Street

{this moment} - A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  ~Ms. Michelle

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All the goodness of today

 Oh the days are chilly and snow covered and yet it is blissfully warm and yummy in our classroom.  The day stared today with roast pork in our oven and home made apple sauce on the stove top.  I decided i just couldn't handle mashed potatoes today and so we had beautiful roasted potatoes and carrots to compliment our roast pork today.  Smelled wonderful and tasted even more wonderful!!
 Yay Yoga today!!  I actually got the children in Shavasana for 5 minutes today!  They really do need that time to settle their body and connect with their mind.  We listened to Shaina Noll on the cd Deeply Relax and Meditate.  Go have a listen to You Can Relax Now.  So beautiful.  How's your Wednesday?  Mine was fantastic!!
~Ms. Michelle