Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Catching Up On Some Camping!

 So we came off a two week trip Camping last Friday!  I meant to post these sooner but it has been so busy ending our Preschool year and backing up the train for Summer programming and the start of our camps.  Our first session of Summer programming was Camping. This was a super fun two weeks of exploring our natural world and some great new parks.  In addition to setting up my massive tent we also built a teepee and made a fake camp fire.

We enjoyed some really fun art activities and lots of smores!
 I found that making these egg cartons into collection boxes for natural treasures was perfect.  The children were each given one when we arrives at Frog pond.  we then sent them off into the woods to find the items on their carton.  We've done this scavenger hunt before and I never get tired of it.  Neither do the children.  Each child got to take their tiny treasures home.  Hopefully the boxes will get reused for other nature hunts!

I loves watching the children and hearing their thoughts about what they were observing.

We had snack at the dingle and a play at the play ground!

Oh, the freedom to run!

The serious collector!

Taking the time to choose.

I can't believe we are taking a bus Ms. Michelle!!

 When we came back to the school and after we had lunch we used the objects from our nature collections to make Sun prints.  I love Sun Print paper.
 Because it is light activated you must be careful not to expose the paper to light before you plan to use it.
 After a couple of minutes we soaked the paper in cool water to reveal our images.
 Then we hung them to dry.  So beautiful.  Such quiet and peaceful work!

 We also made a collection of branches and leaves and flowers to paint with instead of brushes.
 That effect was fun!  It was  a great opportunity to do some colour mixing as well.

These Paintings are Beautiful

 We also, used some of our natural objects to make impressions in clay.

 Later the following week we used Liquid Water Colour paint to make these beautiful paintings.

 I loves watching the children saturate the paper with Water Colour paint.

 The children were so meticulous about taking their leaves off so carefully so as not to disturb the paint.

We took a ferry to Dartmouth and another bus.  Best day ever!