Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cooking for Twenty four

Most days I am at the school early to get a jump start on the lunch menu. Today was no exception. As I was chopping vegetables with a couple of the children in the kitchen I heard a mom say how good it smelled already!

The truth is I love cooking and cooking for your children is something I take very seriously. I work hard at making sure the presentation is appealing and I am BIG on flavor and ingredients. If you spoke with the staff they might tell you I am a bit off the rails! I can not tolerate the pasta over cooked and it is a big no no to mess up a special lunch for someone with special food needs. I like to think that I am not a control freak. I tell everyone I am just giving it my best and I would expect no less from anyone else.

Many parents have been asking for recipes for the various things we cook at the school. I hear you loud and clear and just want to say I am working on a cook book because I have nothing better todo with my time!

With this in mind I would like to add art work by and photos of your children who are so much a part of the daily cooking at the school. So today, as I was in my groove getting lunch ready I thought I would show you what that looks like. I will be sure to include the recipe for my Southwest Soup and Pumpkin Muffins in the cookbook!

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  1. Looks so wonderful - but I can't wait for the cookbook on that Muffy soup. He asks me EVERY SINGLE DAY when I am making it. EVERY DAY. I need it. I'll trade aprons for recipe (: