Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Science is Everywhere

 I initially found the thought of science camp to be  intimidating.  I do not consider myself to have a particularly scientific mind.  I did not have anything to worry about however because the children certainly do have scientific minds.  It seems that children are natural scientists.  They make their guesses, they test it and then draw their own conclusions.

We enjoyed looking through the microscope and seeing what everyday objects look like up close.
 We explored the way force starts, stops, speeds up movement and changes5 directions.

We experimented with levers and fulcrums.  We learned that the distance traveled is different depending on where the fulcrum is placed
What happens when you mix vinegar, paint and baking
soda?  A great big scientific mess!  That's what happens!

Inspired by Rosie Revere, Engineer we made inventions from loose parts.
 Making shadow puppets helped us explore the science of light and shadow.

Posted By Ms. Melanie