Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Week....

This week we are watching with keen eyes our Butterfly Larvae. They have grown so much since last week and trust me, while they might look small to you, they have doubled in size. We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and what will happen to our Painted Lady Butterfly's after they turn into a butterfly. We will be able to release them outside when the time comes. So, we will observe a life cycle with this project and then say goodbye! For those of you interested we got these from

With all this interest in life cycles, we have set up water color painting of the life cycle of a flower at the art table. I am sure you have already noticed the beautiful paintings in the entry way. We are actually using real water color paper and paints! I also discovered water color pencils recently and I LOVE them! They are super easy to use and the children have enjoyed using them and seeing what happens when you add water with a brush. The ones we have used are by Faber Castell and you can get them at your local art supply shop.

We also took some time this week to enjoy the smell of Magnolia blooming in our classroom. How is your week shaping up? Are you as tired of this rain as we are?

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