Tuesday, January 30, 2018

An Update on our Quinpool Classroom Activities...

 We have been very busy!

The first  part of our year was very busy.  Because in Montessori we follow the interests of the children there were lots of different things going on in our classroom.  The following is a brief summary of how we spent the first part of our school year.

Practical Life

The children have been practising pouring using pitchers teapots, funnels etc.  They have also been using tools such as scissors, tongs,  hammer and nails and screwdrivers.  Children have also been enjoying weaving activities and sorting activities.  In our classroom everybody helps with setting the tables, sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing tables, and dusting.   These activities seem to give the children real ownership in the classroom.

Sensorial Activities

The children have spent a great deal of time exploring and creating with our sensorial materials.  The children have been particularly interested in the red rods and have been building some interesting structures and patterns with them.  We have also been spending a great deal of time using a set of hand bells.  We have been  exploring the sounds that the bells make.  We play “repeat after me” with the bells and we have even formed a “hand bell choir” and learned some simple songs like row row row your boat and Jingle Bells.  These materials help the children notice and appreciate differences in  shape, size, color,  and sound.  Using these materials in many different ways help the children develop  language, math, art and music skills.

Language Activities

This year there has been a real enthuasium for language activities.  Children have been learning the sounds that the letters make and then have been building three letter phonetic words with the moveable alphabet.  We have been using games and songs to practice these skills.

 Math Activities

We have been counting, learning numerals, and adding.  We play many games that help practice these early math concepts.

Painting Sunflowers

We did a study of Vincent Van Gogh.  We explored painting still life, landscapes and self portraits.    Some of the children have also been very engaged in sewing.

Exploring Landscape painting
 Posted by: Ms. Melanie
Self Portraits