Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Corners of this Old House

 I've wanted to share some pictures of our new space for a while but it didn't feel quite right until now.    This wallpaper came down today.  Many who have seen it said they couldn't under stand why we would take it down.  To that I say, "It's perfect for a dining room not a Montessori classroom".  I have such a vision for this new space and I am so impatient to get it all done.  All this dark woodwork will be painted out in Benjamin More Ancient Ivory and the upper part will be a surprise!  But I have the loveliest colour picked out!!
 The exciting thing for me was that the wall paper just pulled off with ease and the walls are patched already and ready to paint!  Finally something easy!!
 There is newly refinished hardwood we found in the kitchen under layers of Yuck!

Hardwood was uncovered in the entry way and really big long radiators (I imagine drying out mittens don't you)?
 The farm house sink I just couldn't resist at Renovators Resource.  It is in perfect condition.  Just a good clean is all it needs.  It's my dream sink.  It feels good to reuse it and it makes me think about the women who used it before me.
 The Carpet is gone!  It was two exhausting days of pulling staples and nails.  It's a good tired though.
Everyday this space becomes more ours and less theirs.
The doors that lead into the new classroom.  It is such a beautiful room and when it is done I will show you.  But for now you must wait.   I'm off to order some doors for Fire Separation!