Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sound and Study of Birds

We've been looking at and listening to native birds. I had some work set up on the shelf that was intended for our older children. It has been a huge amount of work and I am glad to see it go. It is not that I did not enjoy it, it is just that it took three weeks to do this work.

In Montessori you can not rush, or have your own agenda when it comes to work and the children. So while I was hoping to have completed this work sooner it is now just finished or being finished up by some of the children.

I had a mom sit on our bench at the door today and say, "Did she do this today"! I explained that although this was indeed a lot of work, it was completed over the last three weeks. The parent seemed so surprised which in turn surprised me a little.

Earlier today I mention to the other teachers how I have been noticing all the lovely little gifts that are unfolding in our classroom by way of developmental growth. Not only are the children surprising us with their abilities with language and math work but emotionally and physically they are growing and have evolved so much since September.

I say this time of year is like Christmas for me. I see all of the hard work and effort not only from the teachers but the children paying off . I see it when I child can finally handle scissors and cut their work out with ease. I see it when someone who had trouble expressing them self and could only scream in frustration, use their soft and lovely voice now. I see it in the courtesy they give their peers when sharing simple tasks such as setting the tables for lunch or helping get gear on for play ground.

So, while this work coming home seems incredibly big, remember this, it is big and your child is simply amazing.

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