Friday, June 6, 2014

Traveling the World in Song

We have been traveling the world in music class lately!  We have been singing songs and playing musical games from many different countries, including Greece, Russia, and Africa, and singing in many languages, including Swahili, Iroquoi and French.  This week we listened to a recording of water drums from Ghana. It was great watching the children’s faces as they tried to figure out what they were hearing: drums, water, splashing, waves?
I explained that a water drum is a special type of drum meant to be played in the water.  We imagined what it would be like to make such cool sounds.  While stressing that you could never take a regular drum into the bathtub, I did  say that, with mom or dad’s permission, you could maybe take an empty container or bucket in and see what sounds you could make.  They were such good listeners and so enthusiastic about these drum sounds.  You may fully blame me for any large puddles on your bathroom floor due to water drum playing!
Miss Susannë

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