Friday, June 20, 2014


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 This post is about gifts.  They come in all kinds of forms and are all around you.
Mushroom House

There is change in the air.  Today we are ending our Montessori Preschool Year.  We are losing a couple of teachers.  Both women are amazing in their own ways and we will miss them!

They are both moving away.  One is planning to get married and start her life back in BC and the other is moving to the USA for her husbands job.  They are very exciting opportunities for each of them and we are happy for them.

We also have a teacher fighting Cancer right now.  I mention this as it is on my mind everyday right now.  When I think about all that she is going through, I think about how I need to embrace everyday and live fully.  She has taught me that among many other things.  She has been a gift not only to me but Maple Tree and our families.

The end of the school year is hard for me.  This year especially.  There is change coming and I find change hard.  I am very much a creature of habit and comfort.  Not only will there be staffing changes but some of our children are leaving and heading off the Big School in the fall.  You try very hard not to get so connected to the children and families so it doesn't hurt so much but the truth is you can't avoid it.  It's what makes you a good teacher.  I love that no matter where I go in my off time I bump into my children and families and I get hugged and told funny stories.  That is such a gift.

The pictures to to the left are of a felt play mat that one of our teachers made and gifted to me for the school.  When I first saw this mat I was in such awe.  It is so beautiful.  I knew I wanted to make one myself but I don't ever feel like I have that time.  
Thank you Madeleine.  We will treasure it forever!

 I am full out prepping for the fall and knee deep in our Summer Program plans.  But today, is party day and I plan to live fully and enjoy the day right up until I drop into bed exhausted tonight.  Thank you all for a Wonderful Year.  Maple Tree will always be your family.


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