Thursday, June 12, 2014

Refreshing little drinks

 It's Rhubarb time.   We've had a fair bit show up in our refreshment basket this week.  What to do with it all?  Last week soulemama made some yummy grown up drinks with Rhubarb syrup.

The recipe for the Rhubarb syrup is here.  It is super easy to make and wow, what a delicious drink.  I thought it would have some bitterness or an after taste but not at all!  Note**we had the virgin option at the school and it was super refreshing after playground.  A little bit of syrup goes a long way and you will want ice and sparkling water.  The children loved this treat yesterday.

All you need to do is add Rhubarb, sugar and water to a pot.  Exact measurements are in the recipe link above.  Bring to a simmer and turn off the heat and let steep.  You will want to make sure the sugar has dissolved.  When it has cooled, strain it into a bowl and store it in a mason jar in your fridge.  It's ready to go for a special treat.  It is especially lovely as a grown up drink with some gin and fresh mint!  Oh, it feels like Summer this week for sure!

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