Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Conversation with Mr. P

The following is from a home made card I received from one of our children.  He is a sweet boy and he is leaving us for big school in the fall.  With permission from his parents I am sharing his words.  There really is nothing better but to see things from a child's perspective.

I want to thank my teachers at Maple Tree because:

  • They showed me the bead work and the small counter rods. 
  • My favourite song was ‘Ho ho, watanay’ (Sleep sleep little one). 
  • They brought toys to the playground and it was fun. 
  • They had extra splash pants.

My favourite Maple Tree treat was:
I liked all of the lunches and snacks.  I especially liked the ginger cookies.

My favourite story was:
“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” anthology.

My favourite thing to do at Maple Tree was:
I like everything. 

My favourite work at Maple Tree was:
The Red Rods and the Brown Stair, and also the magnets and the bead work.

Is there anything you want to tell your teachers?  
Yes, I love you.

The Man By Tobey Peori

The man is driving a car on the road. He is a police man and he is driving a police car.

The man then was eating a giant cupcake.

He got to his police station, he had a party, and he had a cake because it was his birthday!

And then he found some money!

He had a sword and a pick-axe from mining a lot of diamonds. He shared them with his friend, Mommy, and his teachers at Maple Tree.

The man was Tobey. 


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