Sunday, June 8, 2014

A System for Saving...

I promised a client I would sharing my system for saving my children's school work.  It's nothing crazy but it sure works well and makes me less crazy.  It's especially nice when all the paper coming home is organized and the special items saved.  

I've purchased a filing box from staples with hanging files and tabbed the files by year including my daughters Montessori preschool years.  

Let me be clear.  I am super selective about what we save and I purge a lot!  You can't keep everything.  When something special comes home from school we hang it up in the house to enjoy it and then if I'm keeping it, it gets filed into the box under the current year in her art file.  Over the years I have found this a great place to put school pictures, swimming badges, report cards and anything that tells her story.  
Don't get me wrong, we frame many things or turn them into note cards or wrapping paper.  I also love looking at the  evolution of all of her work.  It's amazing just how far my girl has come since her preschool days! 

It's a simple system.  It really doesn't need to be more complicated.  I hope it helps.   ~m

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