Thursday, April 28, 2011

Artist In House

This week has been dismal with all the rain and there have been a few days when we had to stay in.

In anticipation of the bad weather, I had a few tricks in my bag to pull out to make for a very crafty/arty afternoon.

Some time ago, I found an artist on line who does pdf versions of famous paintings. You must purchase the file and it is very reasonable. It all gets printed on regular sized printer paper and you put it all together like a puzzle to make one large piece. The rest is up to you and the aspiring artist in your house!

For these two master pieces we used regular easel paint (tempra) and acrylic paint. The younger children, ages three to four worked on the first piece and the older children mostly five year olds worked on the second painting. I think any medium would be great. It could be done in wool, fabric and plasticine.

I can't tell you how peaceful our classroom was on that rainy afternoon. Not only was there joyful painting going on but conversation about this artist and why he painted the sky this way and what a neat way to make the stars. I asked the children if they thought this was why it was called Starry Night?

For me, this was another great way to connect with the children and encourage their creative side. Look more closely at the art coming into your home and see if you can detect any artistic influences.

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