Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Much Making...

Loom Making
This is another look at our activities this for this week.  I think I am making the teachers just a tiny bit crazy with all the freaking "Making".  This week so far we have made 22 nature looms, lots of art from the free art shelf, strawberry jam and we tried not so successfully to make ice cream in a ziploc bag today.  The looms are for our big outing tomorrow.  I will say's very cool what we are doing with them.

Tomorrow we are off to Point Pleasant Park to fill our looms and do a scavenger hunt.  More about that tomorrow though.

This week I asked parents for egg cartons and tree branches.

The weeks for Camping have gone super fast and they are so action packed that I can't get everything done that I had planned.  The day seems to go so fast.  Needless to say we are all tired come Friday but it's a good tired.

hand Print Campfire pics with roasted marsh mellows

 I Loooove how these pictures turned out!  Thechildren were really into making them.
Strawberry Jam making

Ice Cream in a ziploc bag sort of!  I think it would have worked out better if I had not been trying to make Ice cream for 22 children.  Here is the link on how to make Ice Cream.  Fight the urge to make more.  Follow the directions exactly!  
Picture making from the art shelf

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