Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making Music

 We are in a new Summer Camp Session this week.  The theme this time is Music.  I am feeling very lucky to have have a membership to the NSCECE Resource Centre!  It's no secret that we have put our Montessori Materials away and packed up the classroom.  Thank goodness the Resource Centre has an amazing lending library of materials and fun things.

Last Friday, after we packed up our Camping stuff I raced off to collect all things Musical from the resource Centre Lending Library.  I was able to take out a lovely box of things from Africa.  There were instruments, tiny objects to hold and touch and a lovely collection of fabrics to play dress up in.

Set of Hand Bells

Fabric for dressing up in

Table of Instruments 

I also had the pleasure of reading a beautiful story called, Bringing The Rain to Kapiti Plain.  The story came with beautifully done pieces that were used on our story board.  I also used the drum to enhance the experience especially when the rain finally came to Kapiti.  The children really enjoyed this story.

One of the many art activities this week was making pan flutes from drinking straws.  I might try and find bigger straws for the next time.  Slurpie straws which are bigger may make a bigger sound.  The project was easy and the children enjoyed using a lot of tape!

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