Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventure Day

 Today was a great day.  Even though it was super hot it was extraordinary.  Today, was the last day of our summer session  on Camping and we ended it with a trip to Frog Pond with the children.

All week we had been telling the children we were planning something special.  The trip to Frog Pond was magical.  Each and every child was completely blissed out walking on the trail and talking about the squirrels, butterflies or dragon flies we were lucky enough to see.  It was a beautiful experience and even though it was hot we were completely in shade and there was a lovely warm breeze.  It was the perfect choice today.

 I asked parents for egg cartons this week so I could make these really cool collection boxes.  I found the idea on pinterest and made up labels for the collection boxes.  The children knew that the label was the guide for the scavenger hunt and I didn't have to say where things went.  They just instinctively knew.  The inside of the carton was perfect for all the tiny little objects.  When we couldn't find something we just adjusted our expectations and picked something different from our environment.

 It was the best hour and a half of my day today.  Such excitement, discovery and wonder about it all.

 When we came back to the school we made some smores this afternoon and finished off the nature looms we have been making all week.  Remember when I asked for branches?
 I really loved this project and although it was a lot to prep.  The children really got into the spirit of weaving some lovely things we have been collecting for a long time.  There were leaves, seedpods, pinecones and bark.  I love where art can take you and how we used what we could find for this project.  I hope you love them too!  The looms were made with a lot of love.  ~Michelle

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