Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Signs of Spring

Quince Branches
 It has been a long winter.  I have never been happier to see one come to an end as I am this winter.  I am not a happy girl when I am cold and it was cold this winter.  I am loving the way the air is changing and the children seem to need less to get out the door each day.  The trees are getting ready to burst open with leaves and then flowers.

Right now we are enjoying that experience in both classrooms as we force some forsythia and quince.  I am looking for some magnolia as my source for it the last two years has dried up and my friends have moved and no longer own that magnolia tree I have so lovingly nipped from in the past.

Do you think I will get into trouble if I take my pruners into Point Pleasant Park?  Hmmmmmm

 More about clouds.  We set up an experiment to show the children how a cloud absorbs water and releases the rain or rains.  In these pictures you can see the children using a fluffed out cotton ball that they are adding tiny drops of water to.  Eventually when the cotton ball gets too full of water it starts to rain.  The children have really enjoyed this exercise and we have found it to be very soothing.  Some children have been very engrossed with this particular work.  Who says rain isn't fun?  It has also open up lots of conversation about the life cycle of water.

Transferring clouds with tongs

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