Thursday, April 25, 2013

Becoming Thirteen

Daniel Cleary Born April 25th, 2000 
 Today's post is special. Today,  my first baby is turning 13.  It feels like so many emotions I am not sure I can entirely put it all into words.  I have decided to share some very personal pitcures today of this amazing boy.  It is my way of honouring this big milestone for him and me.
1st Bithday
The following is a conversation I had with Daniel last night.  More like an interview and it really speaks to who he is.

Michelle:  What do you remember about Montessori?

Daniel:  That someone brought a coconut in and you tried to break it open with a hammer and couldn't!
I also remember working with the red rods and pink tower a lot.

Michelle:  What is your life ambition?

Daniel:  I want to have a studio or production company that helps promote young people in the music industry.  

Michelle:  Why?

Daniel:  I really love music and I know it's really hard to break into the music business.  I want to promote young local talent.  

Michelle:  What are you hobbies?

Daniel:  I love hockey, violin, djing, snowboarding.

Favourite Violin Pieces: Aggressive and powerful pieces like Knight Rupert. Music especially from composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  

Michelle:  What are you playing right now on your violin?

Daniel:  Bohemian Rhapsody, Amadeus!, Animal, Knight Rupert

Favourite color: Blue

Favourite Food: All seafood especially seafood chowder

Favourite Number: 1It's my Jersey Number
Book reading right now:  Wildwood and Beginners Guide to C++

Favourite Quote:   The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest  people smile the brightest, and the most damaged people are the wisest.  ~dr. Who 

Michelle:  What's cool about 13?

Daniel:  Your only 13 once.  It's nice to have some freedom and be carefree.

14 months Puppet Boy

Lady Bug Boy

Family Year 1

Cold Masked Man

The Look

2nd Halloween

snow fun during White Jaun

Working at Maple Tree

Listening Centre

Three is so sweet

Three year Birthday Circle
Four is Fun
Five year Birthday Circle
You go through this life and you work hard and you try to make all the right choices with your children.  Shawn and I have gone toe to toe over many things.  What's to much?  How much freedom do we give this young man?  Will he be kind and gentle and responsible?  Will he make good choices?
Harry Potter Seven Year Birthday

My favourite. Phineous Trout in School Musical Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Daniel is an amazing young man.  I am proud to be his Mom.  He is a great kid.  And we (his parents) did ok!
Thirteen, So Sure, So Cool
Happy birthday Daniel I Love You!


  1. Michelle, what a lovely retrospective blog... Where did the time go indeed! Thanks for sharing these memories and thoughts. Happy 13th Birthday Daniel!

  2. He is one special young man. Happy Birthday Daniel from the Kings.