Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Cloudy

cumulus Clouds
 I have April Showers on my mind and with that Clouds and blue, grey skies.  We've been making clouds and taking about clouds and experimenting on how clouds fill up with water and rain.

I am completely in love with this latest art project.  I had no idea you could do so much with shaving cream!

From a sensory experience, this was brilliant for our children.  It was calming and thought provoking.  We watched as many children explored with their hands and minds.  Maria Montessori says, "Hand is the extension of mans intelligence".  I couldn't agree more.  Hand and mind were definitely connected on this project and the results are stunning.
 So, if you are interested in doing some sculpting at home you will need to make some special shaving cream.

2 Cups of Shaving Cream
1/2 Cup of Elmers white glue (non toxic)
Food colouring of your choice.
Mix it all together and let you children get creative.  It will dry very well and will look amazing.
Cirrus Clouds
 We are going to do much more with shaving cream.  My head is spinning with ideas as I write this.

Speaking of all of this, I got the idea from the The Artful Parent.  
Jean Van't Hul is an artist, blogger and parent and she writes about art for children and parents.  I have just recently purchased her latest art books.  She is very inspiring and shares some brilliant ideas about art for children.

Nimbostratus Clouds

Stratus Clouds

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