Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wall construction part 2

Ok so I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet tonight. The wall is framed and the door bell has been moved and the wall is insulated! Yippey! Tomorrow drywall, side lights and I think doors although they may get installed after painting. If all goes well I should be painting by Wednesday or Thursday. My husband is a machine and worked hard all day to get us to this point. Thank you Shawn!

It was a bit of a family affair at the end with our girl sweeping up the saw dust. Thank you montessori sweeping squares! My girl would sweep for hours.

I've posted a picture of a jam cupboard that we bought to repurpose into a pencil cupboard and it is being built into the wall inside the new classroom. The addition of chalk board paint on the door will be great for keeping notes or a list.

I didn't mention before but I will now, all the doors, cupboard and side lights we purchased at Renovators Resource

I feel like we hit the jackpot on finding doors right off the bat. It is a great place to find old doors and mouldings and I love that we are repurposing them. I could never afford such lovely doors brand new thats for sure.

We are still a long way off to putting the classroom together as there are two walls of custom cabinetry that have to be built yet. I am sure we will be right down to the wire on it. I am sooooo happy we have insulated and sound proofed as much as we could. I already notice a difference in the space. Off to bed now. Will be back when there is more to share. -m

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