Thursday, June 9, 2011

Revamping the Cosy Corner

Today I was running an errand and I came across the loveliest child size arm chair. I could not resist it and so I bought it and brought it back to the school and immediately revamped the cosy corner. I didn't say anything as I wanted to see how long it would take for the children and teachers to notice.

The children were the first to notice and one child just came right over and sat down and crossed her legs and picked up a book to read quietly. One of the other children said, "Wow, Ms. Michelle, now it really is the cosy corner"! I must admit when I heard this I felt bad. I hadn't realized that it needed to feel or be more cosy. I am committed to keeping it that way from now on. I just need to figure out how we will put a protective seat in it for all those wet pants that will want to sit in it in the fall.


  1. Too cute! I love it and it is definitely super cozy looking!!

  2. Love it! they are going to enjoy it so much.