Monday, June 6, 2011

mmmmmmmm jam


It is probably not so much of a secret that we are making Strawberry jam for father's day. My girl came right home today and announced to her Dad that she was making that for him for his special day.

Her dad told her everyday was special. Then she went and got out the face paint and promptly painted a series of clouds and a sun on her forehead and a fairy on one cheek and a bird on the other. When I said is that really a good idea right this minute, my girl said, "Mom, how will I know how to do it when I get bigger and I am in musicals if I don't learn now". I had to turn away, giggling the entire time. So funny she is and it lifted me up today on this rainy afternoon.

So back to jam. We made jam today from lovely spray free valley strawberries. We will be making more jam tomorrow and I am hoping we will be able to set up work on the shelf somehow, making your own toast with jam. That work I can guarantee will be so popular!

Making jam with the children was a bit more work on my end. Just a tiny bit. They crushed the berries and measure the lemon juice and sugar and did all the stirring. I just did the cooking part which only takes one minute and then I poured the jam into hot sterile jars.

I must say that our orange juice making work that we put out early in the year really helps. The children were able to squeeze juice out by hand with our glass reemer with ease and they took such pride in knowing they could do it.

Tomorrow I wil post about our beautiful handmade leaf rubbing cards to accompany this beautiful gift.


  1. oh! my Girl missed it, she had her orientation day at Big school.

  2. No worries we still have to make so much more! I am just getting a head start on it. There are lot of children to mKe jam with!