Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Trip to Korea

 I set up this new table a couple of weeks ago.  We have such a lovely collection of really interesting tiny objects from various families that have travelled.  These items live in our continent boxes.  Ms. Melanie happened upon a really lovely craved tablet that was being put out for garbage.  I just love a good garbage find.  At first I wasn't sure I wanted another piece of furniture.  We do already have a lot in our space.  After looking at the table all morning long and reflecting on it I decided it should be set up as a space for the children to explore.  So we have Korea up right now with items from Korea and we have the place where Ms. Grace is from highlighted.

 In the next week we will be shifting to look at Russia.  It seems timely with the holidays and the talk of nut crackers and the ballet that many children are going to see.  If you have not arranged to take your children i really do encourage it.  The sets and music change so frequently that it really will  hold your child's attention.  We started taking our children at 3 to see the Nutcracker at the Rebecca Cohn.  Even now it has become one of our holiday traditions.

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