Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Ready

 We are full on now that we are officially into December tomorrow.  That means in addition to all the usual Montessori work we do, we have tweaked things a tiny bit to keep things exciting and interesting for our children.  That means that we have prepped all our special art activities for the giving Tree and added some lovely little spaces of interest also.
winter Nature Scene with handmade carollers 

In the Past I have built our tree for the classroom and I am still planning to do that at our Cork Street Classroom but I happened upon this lovely small tree at the Seaport Market and it just screamed take me home.  It is the absolute perfect tree for our smaller Quinpool Campus and really I don't actually need to build two trees right?!

 With all the windy wet weather we've been having, I've been collecting branches.  I want so much to bring the out doors in this year.

I want our classroom space to feel special and have a magical quality to it.  We have a loan branch arranged above our practical life shelf and I used modge podge on it and sprinkled it with fake snow.  It is simply stunning especially with the pinecones that have been dipped in bees wax and glittered.  So the merriment has begun.  I am hoping I won't feel over loaded on Christmas in the next three weeks. I think we have just enough to change it all up and keep things exciting for the next three weeks!
Glass Balls waiting for paint.  

Clothes Peg Work for Finer Motor.  The leaves we hand made by me and were reused from our wool apple sorting work from September.  I found the sweetest poinsettia clothes pegs for counting and clipping on to the leaves.  

Jingle Bell Transferring work with wooden tongs.  Just challenging enough!

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