Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Silver Bells

It has been a wonderful fall getting to know your children in music class.  Our first unit was full of songs about old friends and new friends and getting to know one another.  We also learned to play a steady beat while we sing, and to listen and copy rhythms by playing the sticks, clapping or stomping our feet.
We are now in our second unit of the year, with a theme of bells.  I have introduced different pitched bells and bell-like instruments (glockenspiels and resonator bars) which the children have all played in class. We have also explored the concept of “high, middle and low” as they relate to pitch.  We sing high, show it in our bodies by reaching high, and listen to a high note on a bell or instrument.  We have learned some lovely songs about bells and so I was inspired to find some bells to give to the children.  I have given each of them a tiny brass bell, with a beautiful tinkling sound, to take home.  Attached is a small piece of paper with one of our songs written on it, so that you can see what your child is singing.  I hope you enjoy them with your child.
Happy Holidays,

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