Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Show

 Friday was our wrap of our two weeks of Art.  We had an informal Art Show at the school from 3 to 5 for parents.  The children served refreshments to their parents and showed them their art pieces.  We really did some cool stuff with the children and I am in awe of how children create.  For the Matisse project the children traced pre made shapes out onto canvas and then painted.
Water Colours
This Water Colour project was fun.  We used Almond milk and Rice milk for the children with allergies.  We added food colouring to the milk and the children used a tooth pick to mix the colour.  After that was done the child then placed a piece of water colour paper on to the coloured milk and it absorbed the colour and design.  These are super beautiful and were easy.  *note you have to use water colour paper.  also the Almond milk water super meaty and took to food colour really well.
Stain Glass
 For the stained glass project I used photo copied sheets of very simple designs.  We mixed up corn syrup and food colouring and the children applied it on to the paper with fine paint brushes.  After two days of drying these pictures were super sticky.  We had some over head projector transparencies laying around so I used those sheets to cover each painting.  It worked beautifully to project the picture and make them easier to handle.

I love how beautiful and unique each one of these was!  Lastly I mounted them on card stock.  At a conference I was at recently the presenter talk about the importance of framing the artwork and always having simple frames on hand to hang and present the art.

Chalk and Glue

This project was done with black card stock, glue and chalk.  We had the children squeeze out glue in a design on the card stock.  We let it dry for a day and then we used coloured chalk to fill in the lines.  These were super easy and the children really enjoyed the effect of the raised lines and colour.

Sun Prints
I love making Sun Prints.  We only were able to make a few as it rained for the  majority of that last week of our camp.  I will often take these on vacation with me especially if we are doing beach days so my daughter can collect and make things in the moment.   I also always pack water colour paints in my stash for outings.  you never know when a rock or piece of drift wood is calling out for some colour.
Modern Splatter Art

The Modern art piece we did was all done using recycled materials.  We had some large glossy paper and large letter stickers that the children cut up and applied to their paper in any way they wanted.  Lastly, we took it all outside and threw paint on them.  That was probably the best part.  The children really loved this project!

Cezzane Inspired Apples

These tiny water colours were inspired by Cezzane.  I have a beautiful book titled, "Cezanne and the Apple Boy".  For this project I set up a basket with a green silk scarf and arranged apples in it.  The  children drew with pencil and then painted with liquid water colours. 

Maude Lewins Inspired Door
Lastly, we did a group project.  The Maude Door.  I garbage picked this door two weeks ago and brought it into our classroom to be painted.  We used acrylic  paints and I will be sealing the door with varathan and it will a permanent part of our classroom this fall.  It is stunning and I am already thinking and planning to add to this project.  I think windows are in order don't you?
Well, that is a wrap.  We are on to our construction theme now and Melanie is taking over.  I am off now doing office work and planning for the fall.  It's an endless list of things I want to get done and there never seems to be enough time!
Maude Lewis inspired door other side

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