Thursday, November 5, 2015

Loving Georgia

 I can't think of a better time of year to look at and appreciate Georgia O'Keeffe.  We are making poppies to wear, we are painting them with water colors and acrylics and the children are very much enjoying this burst of color in the classroom right now.  It has prompted much discussion about the artist also.

Ms. Grace has been hard at work with the children making their own poppy pins.  I am off to buy pins for these beautiful hand made poppies.  I love how the children have layered the red felt and sewed a black button into the centre.  They are spectacular.  It's giving me ideas for other tiny button sewing projects for the shelf.
Hand Made Felt Poppy

Our Sewer Circle

 We've also done a large Georgia O'Keeffe Poppy Painting based on one of her works of art.  A few years ago I found Kathy Barbro.  Kathy is and she teaches art to children.  Kathy has an amazing website with tutorials and PDFs for purchase.  You can make just about anything.  Kathy makes the PDFs in 8x11 printer sheet format and you put them all together to make this big puzzle.  It is a fun way to do a large scale piece of art and study and artist with the children.
 The children LOVED this project and it made for a wonderful absorbed working morning in the classroom.

Our Finished Painting.  Isn't it beautiful!

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