Sunday, April 12, 2015


 I have been busy.  For the last four week I have been in a intensive arts course in Montessori.  I have two more weeks to before I am finished.  Actually both Melanie and I have been doing this course together.  There is nothing like some professional development work to get you fired up about everything and inspire some new work!

I few weeks ago I found some tiny glass tea lights in many colours at a thrift store.  I knew they would be great for colour sorting work.  I have set it up on the shelf with buttons of corresponding colours for colour sorting work.  Not only does it look beautiful but it is fun to watch the children go to this work over and over again.
 Last night I made this colour grading work.  So simple it was to  make.  I picked up free paint chips from the hardware store and clothes pegs.  I laminated the paint strips so they would hold up to all the handling and hot glued the corresponding colour to a clothes peg.  The children will attach the clothes peg to the colour it matches.  This is particularly great work for children who have a weak pincher grip.

I have also taken some time to revamp our paper cutting work.  I saw this posted by one of the women in our course and I loved it so much I made one for both of our campuses.  The children really love the variety and colour.  You will notice that the paper cutting work has been coming home  in tiny made by us envelopes.

 More colour work here.  This is just a lovely extension of primary colour work.

 New weaving work.  I have watch many tutorials on weaving on baskets.  I found this wire flower basket/dish and set it up with new ribbon.  It is a move advanced piece of weaving work and has been very attractive with oru older children.  It is also very beautiful when it is complete.

 Lastly, an artist study on Kandinsky.  This is part of my final assignment for our course and I am creating a mini unit on Kandinsky.  I chose Kandinsky because of all my options to work with colour, lines and circles.  I have a book displaying his art work, art cards on him and about his art work and we are doing some really beautiful art projects based on his work as inspiration.

This was our art project on circles.  This week we will be doing some work with tissue paper, paint and more circles!

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