Monday, January 13, 2014


Happy 2014 Everyone!  I hope you are all well and you had a lovely rest with your children 
over the holidays.  I sure felt last week when I had to get moaning children up for school and it was soooo cold!

Speaking of cold we are looking at the Arctic this next little while at Quinpool while the children at Cork Study Space.  Melanie and I came to this agreement so that I didn't have to make double materials or split up any of our collections.  So we will be back and forth over the next little while on the blogging front between Space and the Arctic.

Last week, we made some beautiful borax snowflakes.   It was really fun to watch the reaction of the hot water and the borax and see the crystals form.  The borax snowflakes are something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  We may need to make them for our giving tree next year.  Wouldn't they be beautiful on that tree?  I found the idea for the Borax Snowflakes here.

They are super easy to make but it is becoming harder to find borax in the laundry isle at the grocery store these days.  I have been to three and have not been able to find it again.  I may have to ask the store to special order it in.  
This is our process.  Bend pipe cleaners into snowflake shapes and we used butcher twine to tie them around the middle and a pencil to support the string so it stayed centred and didn't get wet.  
 Once the crystals were formed I pored out the borax water and gently pried the snowflakes out from the jars.  Because they are made with pipe cleaners  it was super easy.  This was a great project and really it required very little.  ~m

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