Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time to Reflect

Solar system sensory bin
This is an opportunity for sensory and pretend play.

 This snowstorm has provided me with some time to reflect on what has been happening in our classroom since returning from the holiday break.  The children seem very eager to dive into activities and experiences that interest them.  Be it math, language or the solar system the children have been absorbed with their chosen activities.  It is fascinating to watch children identify what interests them and independently choose how to spend their time in the classroom.  Choosing how to spend your time is an important skill to learn and it involves trust.  The teachers and parents need to trust that the child knows what they want and need to learn and the child must trust him or herself to know what they want and need to learn. 

Maria Montessori called children “scientists” and that is exactly what they are.  They are actively figuring out how the world works and not just relying on us as parents and teachers to tell them.
~Ms. Melanie

The Addition Strip Board
For three days after having a presentation in this activity this child chose this activity and worked on it from the time he arrived until we gathered for circle and then he would pick it up again after we finished afternoon snack.

The Solar System
Many children in the classroom can tell you that the sun is a “Hot star made of fire” and that it takes the earth one whole year to go around the sun. One child is quite fascinated by the fact that “When Ms. Melanie was a little girl Pluto was still a planet!”

The Moveable alphabet
This child has spent a great deal of time building three letter phonetic words with the moveable alphabet.

Nothing like gathering around a “campfire” on a cold day.

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