Wednesday, December 18, 2019

At Quinpool this Fall

This Fall in our Quinpool classroom, our classroom community has been focused on exploration and creating.    

Many of the children have been interested in the new Lion King Movie so we have extended this into an exploration of the continent of Africa.   We have been talking about the animals in Africa. 

Inspired by the Lion King

Exploring Africa on the Map

Artist Study on Georgia O'keeffe
We have been exploring Color and texture in art.  We have used different materials and tools to make art such as paint, markers, pastels, clay, play dough and natural materials like sticks and leaves.

Making at with the Sensorial Materials

Digging into Clay
We have been using tools like hammers, tongs, screw drivers, spoons, pitchers and writing implements.

Secret spaces in the Trees
Outside we have  been playing in a natural setting building and making designs with loose parts we find around us like wood cookies, sticks and buckets.

It has been a fun time of exploration and creativity.

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