Monday, February 12, 2018

Color and Pattern

Some of the children have been experimenting with color, patterns and shapes in the classroom.  Maria Montessori spoke about the sensitive period for development and refinement of perception through touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight.  This happens from birth through 4 1/2.  The sensorial materials such as the pink tower, broad stair, color tablets and  the geometric cabinet are a great way to develop this sensitivity. Children learn about color and shading by using the color tablets.

Engaging in art activities extends and refines what we learn from using the sensorial materials.
We learned about symmetry and color by painting hearts in different ways.  The children have also been experimenting with color by mixing primary colors  with eye droppers and mixing colors with plasticine.  In addition to learning about primary and secondary colors, these activities are a great way to promote fine motor development. They have been using their newly mixed colors to make temporary designs on a black canvas.

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