Friday, December 9, 2016

Talking about Remembrance

Ms. Lynn's Dad

We never really know how much the children absorb when we talk about an idea or event until it presents itself to us.  This past month we had two children that Remembrance day made a big impact on.  One of our children drew pictures and the other one acted out a moment with her parents doing her own version of circle time where she told her parents ,"children, I am going to show you something very precious and special to me." She was pretending to unwrap the photo of Ms. Lynn's Dad.  This little girl then went on to talk about his medals and what he did in the war.  It was very sweet to hear about this and clearly this story made a big impression on this little girl.  

The following is from Ms. Lynn.

This past month I had a wonderful experience discussing Remembrance Day with some of the children.  I took the opportunity to share a loved one, my father, who served in WWII.  I showed them a photo of my father dressed wearing his 11 medals.  The children were so interested to hear that my father played a very important role in the medical division, and helped many injured soldiers.  It brought tears to my eyes when one of the children came to school the next day, and so proudly told me that he had drawn a picture at home of my father and his medals.  Your children are beautiful individuals, and bring joy into my heart!
Ms. Lynn's Dad

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