Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thoughts on the Week...

 This week has been a mixture of busy and wonderful.  I got the opportunity to present some Golden Bead Material by way of the Bird's Eye View work.  The two little lovelies that got this new work were super keen to soak it all up.  I really loved answering their questions and showing them how to make a hundred and a thousand.

We were gifted earlier this year with boxes of natural wooden geometric shapes.  I rarely ever say no to gifts like this.  I knew they would be wonderful additions to our shelves and that we would be able to do beautiful extensions of the sensorial work we have already presented.  This basket in particular has wooden triangles and tiny cubes (like the smallest pink tower cube).  

I just love watching this little girl with her work.  She gravitates to geometric shapes of all sizes and makes the most elaborate patterns and complex pieces of work.  She gets completely engrossed in it.  Just when I think I can't possibly sit through one more presentation of the Pink Tower, I am reminded of how important Sensorial Work is as I watch this sweet girl expand on all those early exercises with Sensorial Extensions.  Simply Amazing!

I love watching this young man explore Water Colour.  He is completely respectful of the process with this work right down to cleaning out his brush and water pots so the paints do not get muddy.  His work this week has consisted of introduction to water Colour Paint and the Secondary Colour tablets.  He is learning about mixing paint to make secondary colours and the effect the paints have on water colour paper particularly when the colours bleed together.  Such and artist!
It's no secret that I love to sew.  I present this work as soon s I can.  As soon as the child is ready.  I love the sense of Community that sewing brings to our classroom.  I love how children come and go from the sewing table and how they will stop to help a friend fix a stitch or untangle their work if they need help.  I love how supportive they are with their peers and the pride they take in their work.  I added the ribbon to this work to make the name banner and the children helped sew the buttons on.  It feels kind of bittersweet as I wrap up these projects with my children leaving me after this year.  It really is hard not to get attached.  I have a family leaving Maple Tree after seven years this year and it really is hard to think about saying goodbye.  Anyway, its been a wonderful working week and I feel lucky to have experienced it.  ~m

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