Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Circles this Week!

 I think this is the last of our Kandinsky inspired art projects for now.  We have really enjoyed teaching the children about Kandinsky and we have really enjoyed extensions in Sensorial work with circles and the children.  Here is a great Article in Montessori Leadership titled The Inspired Child.  It is a brilliant read and really drives home the importance of all the Montessori work.  Everything from Practical Life to Sensorial and Math and Language.  It is all very interconnected to Art and lays the foundation for Artful experiences and Art Appreciation in young children.  We used this Article as our Book Club read on Art in The Montessori Classroom.  As a mentioned last night at book club, I never really realized how prepared our classroom is.  I mean,  I know it is as we are always prepping and making but really it is really all the foundational stuff that we do and extensions that make everything come full circle.  Art is one of those areas a teacher tends to fret about.  Have I made it interesting enough?  Are my children engaged?  Do they love and appreciate art?  Art is so much more than colouring and painting?  I want our children to feel art and be able to stand back and appreciate it and talk about what they see and how it makes them feel.  If you haven't had a chance , take a minute to read the Article on the Inspired Child.  I promise you will feel different and look at things differently the next time your child hands you a drawing or a piece of paper with lines of colour on it.  ~m

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