Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Different Kinds of Families

For the past two months in music class we have been learning about the different families of instruments found in the orchestra.
We began with the percussion family - any instrument which is shaken or struck to produce the sound.  We have shaken shakers, jingled bells, tapped triangles and drums.  We have listened to many examples of music and the children are amazing at picking out which type of instrument they can hear.  Then we moved on to the wind family.  We played recorders, whistles and harmonicas, and discussed the quiet wind instruments (woodwinds like flutes and clarinets) and loud ones (trumpets and tubas).  I am always so impressed when your children can distinguish between a recording of a trumpet and a flute - they are very good listeners!!
Lastly we have been learning about the string family -ukuleles, violins, cellos, guitars.  My favourite part of this unit is the song in which the students choose the an instrument they would like to play when they get bigger.  What an orchestra we would have - filled with violins, pianos, guitars, flutes, recorders, cymbals and double basses!  ~Ms. Susanne

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