Friday, December 6, 2013

This Week...

 Yesterday I spent my morning at Cork Street and I brought a big bag of wool with me.  I've been teaching needle felting at my daughter's school once a week during lunch and it has been so much fun.  With all the pin pushing work going on at Maple Tree I thought some of the children would really enjoy trying needle felting.  Thank you to my dear friend Jana for the beautifully dyed roving!!
 For the most part the children really enjoyed this. It was a bit tricky to have them work with out a template or a guide.  I notice that making a shape free form was challenging.  I loved that it pushed them all to think about how they would make their shapes.  It really was a great activity.

Sensory basket for sorting work and free play

 We are working on snowmen magnets as Christmas gifts!  They will be laminated and magnets attached.  We were gifted with a stack of magnets and that was awesome!

Lots of card making

Snowman by Frances complete with a flower on his hat!

Tree by Eli

Tree by Hugo
I am hoping to turn these beautiful needle felted projects into hanging ornaments for the giving tree.

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