Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sea Life

This week we had the luxury of having mr. J's mom in to teach us about sea life. She works at the BIO. The children had the opportunity to learn about the size of some animals, why some animals are endangered,  and examine deep sea fish preserved in jars. The children also had the chance to touch and hold real live starfish, tunicates, and crabs.  All the children had an amazing afternoon and learned some really interesting facts about sea life.

Green Crab


To explore more about sea life we took the children to the Natural History Museum today. We first explored the live animals on the first floor which they all loved, but when we entered the marine life section the children started connecting their information they learned from J's mom to what they were seeing. From the pictures you can see some of their comments about what they saw. It was really nice to see them excited because they knew about the marine life and what some of the animals were called. It was an amazing field trip for children and teachers. ~Ms. Stephanie

What kind of 8 legged animal is that? ~Etta
It is a sunfish. ~Teacher

That's what whales eat! ~Jillian 

That is shark teeth. ~Thea

There is bumble gum coral and popcorn coral. ~Lots of children

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