Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This Week at Quinpool Rd...

Rainbow glass beads for Creating and Making
 Wow, where is the time going?  We are 41/2 weeks away from the end of  our Maple Tree school year or term!

In some ways, we are all feeling ready for that break and in other ways I am sad.  I find it hard saying goodbye to the children we have had for two or three years.

This week we are sharing some snippets from our classrooms.  This is the time of the year that we see all of the gifts from the children.  The culmination of all that hard work from the last year or two.  Take a moment to reflect on that and how much your child has evolved and grown.
The Plant Table
We've been busy planting out garden by starting seeds inside.

 We've been watching out tadpoles with interest and excitement!

More Life Cycles at our Nature Table
Learning about Life Cycles. 
Life Cycle Work of the Praying Mantis

Life Cycle Work of the Butterfly

Caterpillars, so much waiting for change.  Its a good lesson in patience!

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