Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reading Rhythms

We have spent the winter weeks so far learning lots about rhythms in music class.  We have echoed and clapped and tapped and listened to rhythms played on the violin.  The children can now read rhythms, meaning that they recognise the symbols for quarter-notes ("ta"s), a pair of eighth-notes, ("ti-ti"s) and a quarter-note rest ("sh").
They combine the  rhythms into four-beat patterns, and then chant them.  A favourite pattern is "ta, ta, ti-ti, ta" and you may hear this one at home.  I am amazed at how all of the children read these symbols with fluency, and chant with a steady beat.
Another musical concept we have been playing with is "accelerando"; meaning the steady increase in the tempo of music.  We explored this with the theme of a train, slowly starting up and pulling out of the station, and gradually reaching top speed.  Ask for a demonstration of accelerando and be ready for some foot-stomping!  ~Ms. Susanne

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